Liam Payne Performs ‘Get Low’ on GMA with Zedd

Liam Payne is a force to be reckoned with and once he released his debut single ‘Strip That Down’ he’s been doing everything from promo stops to a summer radio concert tour and he released a follow-up single shortly after.

The song, a collaboration with Zedd, is called ‘Get Low’ and that probably comes as no surprise to you. If you’re anything like us, the tune is already on all of your summer playlists. It’s a song you can listen to absolutely any time and it’s so catchy.

That catchy tune got some big air time today when Zedd and Liam were asked to perform on Good Morning America, introducing the song to a new audience.

The pair performed flawlessly, the crowd was loving it and audiences at home were massive fans as well. Liam is made for the stage and when his vocal talent joins Zedd – the powerhouses knocked it out of the park. We are really hoping to see more of these live performances of ‘Get Low’ soon, hopefully with both of them on stage.

Liam has been taking his time with his solo music, making sure the songs were exactly what he wanted and done in a fashion that was his own. With the release of his first two hits, we’re sure when Liam does put out an album, it’ll be timeless.

Did you catch Zedd and Liam on GMA Friday? What was your favorite part of the performance? Let us know.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.