Liam Payne Performs on TRL and Receives Platinum Award for ‘Strip That Down’

When Liam Payne takes the stage – be it for a concert or television appearance – he wows everyone in attendance. His stage presence is powerful, his voice transcends, and it’s an incredible experience.

Having two singles out so far, and an album on the way, Liam’s solo career has been successful and rewarding for fans who couldn’t wait to hear what his own unique sound would be. He’s stepped into his own vibe and we have to say, we’re massive fans. We’re also not surprised that his music is resounding so well with those who weren’t fans of One Direction. He’s extremely talented – as are all of the One Direction guys – and they’ve got passion as well.

So when Liam Payne performed on TRL this week, fans were ecstatic, and for a guy who didn’t dance in One Direction – he’s got moves.

As do the dancers he brought to the stage, they’re all extremely talented and the song is just as popular now as when it first debuted.

Not only did he perform on TRL, he was also surprised with the plaque for Strip That Down going Platinum in the US. It was an awesome moment both for Liam and the fans who support him.

Liam wasn’t saying much about his upcoming single ‘Bedroom Floor’ but he did answer a question pertaining to it. What is the craziest thing Liam’s done on a bedroom floor? Woken up on one. We’ve been there Liam, we get it.

He also mentioned that One Direction reunion that we’re all totally waiting for.

I’ve got a feeling. I’m excited for it. I want it to happen. There was a whole album that we didn’t tour. I know that we need to go and write some more music but it was so much fun and everyone loves it so much so we have to go again.’

Looks like we’ve got a lot to look forward to, both now and in the future.

Written by Ashley

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