Liam Payne Shares Vegas Stage with Zedd

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to see Zedd perform live, you know how incredibly talented and passionate he is about his music! Fans of the musician are always singing his praises after they get to see him do what he loves! Last night, Zedd had a performance in Las Vegas, and fans who were at his show got an extra special surprise as the night went on.

That’s right! After two tweets from Liam about Vegas and being in the mood to dance, he finished up with this which made fans truly consider packing a bag and getting to Vegas ASAP! Liam has been working hard on his solo project and spending some time out of the spotlight while doing so, but last night he wanted to go from working hard to being back on a place he loves, the stage.

This time his stage presence was different, not alongside the members of One Direction but instead next to Zedd and his performance gear! It was exciting seeing Liam behind turn tables and in an atmosphere so different from what we are all used to and even though it wasn’t his own music, he sang along to some of today’s hot songs with Zedd and he killed it!

This is just one of the videos from their songs together last night, you can find even more on Twitter. In every single photo and video posted Liam looks like he’s at home, relaxed, and elated – his fans are all feeling the same way right now!

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.