Liam Payne Shows Off New Buzz Cut

Remember that sigh of relief we all had when we were told that One Direction were taking a hiatus? We all thought we’d finally have a moment to relax and breathe. Well, we were extremely wrong. Not only has there been numerous pictures of Louis and a certain girl hanging out together, and the boys having just been nominated for 2 Brit Awards, but Liam Beautiful Payne (we’re pretty sure that is his middle name…) just went and posted an Instagram selfie showing off to the world a brand new buzz cut, captioning it oh so casually with a simple “Morning’.

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That’s right people, all that hair that was reaching sky high is gone. We don’t know how to feel about this.

Liam Payne Shows Off New Buzz Cut 2

The One Direction fandom is suffering some mixed emotions about this. Some people are commenting about the fact that this reminds us massively of Liam’s buzz cut of 2012.

Other fans are just in awe of the recent selfie.

And some fans are just a bit distraught by the loss of hair.

Could this sudden change in hairstyle be Liam’s way of showing the world his ‘new year, new me’? Or could it possibly be something to do with the fact he is apparently a rapper now? Who knows… all we do know is he is looking smoking hot, no matter what hairstyle, and we’re so ready for HQ photos of this. So much for a break.

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