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LightningBoy Drops New Single – “Powerade”

UK hyperpop artist LightningBoy, aka Teddy Corsica, releases his brand-new single, “Powerade,” via Universal Music.

LightningBoy explains, “The track is about me falling in love with someone and feeling like you’re willing to do anything to make it work but also understanding that addiction and the temptations of the world are too much to make it a reality and that as much as I wish I was the right person for her I’m not.”

At the age of 18, LightningBoy first attracted beaucoup attention because of his tattoos and aesthetic. His passion for style led to exclusive modeling contracts and opportunities, including Vetements, Vogue, and being selected as the face of Valentino.

“Powerade” is a rebirth of LightningBoy’s sound and contrasts his previous tracks with fast energy and explosive vocal production. Tracks such as “Can You Hear Me” express a fast drum and bass beat alongside his illusive emo-like vocals. His music arises from his dreams as a child, being a superhero and making music. Though he was not born with supernatural powers, he was born with a natural sense of sound, rhythm, and flow.

After the very recent passing of his father, LightningBoy is back, making music with a new focus and drive, taking a step back from addiction.

LightningBoy’s sound merges elements of trap, heavy bass kicks, rapid electronic high-hats, and multiple vocal stacks. Since his previous release, “Feel Me Dying,” as Teddy Corsica, LightningBoy’s music caught fire, amassing thousands of new followers, along with inclusion on Spotify’s xyz and UK Hyperpop playlists.

“Powerade” opens on twinkling, nursery rhythm tones, followed by the entry of deep droning tones. A potent trap rhythm infuses the tune with muscular throbs as LightningBoy’s emo-laced flow imbues the lyrics with soaking, haunting timbres rife with visceral edges. Faint, echoing harmonies give the song resonant depth and dimension.

LightningBoy has it going on! “Powerade” juxtaposes brawny trap textures with shimmering tones, all crowned by the unforgettable voice of LightningBoy.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.