Lila Dupont

Lila Dupont Releases Haunting “Realize It All”

Eighteen-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lila Dupont unveils the first single, “Realize It All,” from her upcoming project, a song about the loneliness of trying to hide your emotional pain.

Lila explains, “‘Realize It All’ is about wanting to look like everything’s all right, even though you’re really struggling inwardly. It’s about how you don’t have to let yourself get to your lowest point for anyone to care – you can just let it all out.”

She goes on to add, “I wrote ‘Realize It All in a rental house during the start of quarantine when everything in my life was filled with uncertainty except for the empty room down the hall with amazing acoustics. The musicians involved include drummer JT Bates, bassist Mike Lewis, and guitarist Eli Menezes.”

Originally from New York City, Lila is presently based in the UK, where she is working on her debut album via Filter Music Group, an album granting access to her inner world.

Talking about her writing process, Lila shares, “I tend to write when I’m at some kind of emotional peak, whether I’m feeling sad or angry or anxious, or if I have an insane burst of happiness. All these songs are incredibly personal, but I tried to write them in a way that allows people to interpret them however they want and fit them into their own lives because that’s what I’ve always done with the music I love.”

Made with Grammy Award-winning producer/writer/engineer Scott Jacoby (Coldplay, Janelle Monae, Vampire Weekend), “Realize It All” opens with a low-slung trickling guitar topped by Lila’s hypnotically haunting voice as soft, suffusing harmonies add misty sonic dimension.

When the harmonics ramp up, a beguiling rhythm gives the tune vibrant scope as Lila’s nuanced timbres infuse the lyrics with melancholic textures full of beaucoup emotion.

Lila Dupont has it going on! “Realize It All” is at once authentic, wistful, and powerful, rife with passion and luscious harmonic coloration.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.