Lily Allen Announces Forthcoming Album ‘No Shame’

Lily Allen has just announced her forthcoming album titled, ‘No Shame’ along with two tracks from the album and we can’t contain our excitement!


The announcement for the upcoming album comes after Lily Allen was interviewed by Julie Adenuga on her Beats 1 Radio Show. Allen also discussed Motherhood in spirit of International Women’s Day with the Radio DJ, along with all the details on the forthcoming album. In true Beats 1 style, two new tracks taken from the album, ‘Higher’ and ‘Three’ were premiered in anticipation for No Shame.

The two new tracks follow Lily Allen’s previous single ‘Trigger Bang’, which unexpectedly dropped after a leak in December 2017. The fiery single also features Giggs. The accompanying music video was then released the following January, along with a mini-tour from Allen to further promote her new material. The album’s title, ‘No Shame’ had its rounds on the internet after an interview in which Allen said she will probably name the album after. Although, in 2017 it was rumoured to be titled ‘The Fourth Wall’.

After a 16 year career in the music industry, it would come as a shock to us if you didn’t know Lily Allen. The ‘Trigger Bang’ singer is also known for her political views, which she frequently shares via her Twitter. Allen has also had some of her own controversies within her successful career however, Allen being the strong woman she is takes, them with a grain of salt.

It was also recently revealed Allen turned down an offer to perform for the Queen, which she would’ve been paid BitCoin for. The offer came at a time when BitCoin wasn’t a thing, therefore Allen wasn’t aware she would be turning down an offer for billions of British pounds.

Lily Allen’s forthcoming album, ‘No Shame’ is available to pre-order here.

Check out Lily Allen’s second helping of new singles, ‘Three’ below:

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