Lipstereo Unleashes their Colorful Garage Rock Anthem “Little Spaceships”

Grungy foursome Lipstereo has crafted a contagious single “Little Spaceships”. The spirited indie-rock banger slaps the listener hard with potent, punchy arrangements and rich, passionate vocals. The piece details a feeling many of us can relate to. As we get older and our lives begin to shift, we can find ourselves slowly drifting apart from the ones we love. This track reminds us to keep cultivating those friendships. Even if you feel we are all just little spaceships flying off into the distance there is always a way to reach one another.

The video seamlessly fits the song’s bold vibrancy. With shots of the band rocking out, chilling on the beach and playing pool, we see the group’s lighthearted, playful nature. That feel-good energy is irresistible. Watching the offering, you cannot help but be drawn into its carefree quality.

The Australian gritty four-piece consists of Sam Stranges on vocals and rhythm guitar, Andrew Stainsby on lead guitar, Tage Hosking-Gregory on bass and Jesse Porter on drums. Evoking vibes of nostalgic rock bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Weezer, there is something so comforting within their sound. Listen to “Little Spaceships” and be instantly hooked.

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Written by Leah

Los Angeles based entertainment writer