Lisa Remar Unveils her Wistful New Single “Lankersham”

Do you ever feel so desperate to achieve something you lose yourself in the process? Singer/songwriter Lisa Remar knows all too well the struggles in the pursuit of fame. Her latest single “Lankersham” details being discarded by others like a piece of trash. You can sense that pain throughout this poignant piece. Her silky vocals float over gentle guitars, creating a stunning ethereal sound.

She admits, “I felt seriously stuck, sidetracked from my purpose. My reality had become so skewed and I’d grown into someone I wasn’t really proud of at all. My focus had insidiously shifted into staying fame adjacent. it all ended quite abruptly, ties were cut off and I was completely drained over trying so desperately hard to seem like I wasn’t trying hard at all.”

The Japanese American and New York native is a jack of many trades. Not only is she a highly gifted singer, but a record producer as well. Fans are attracted to her deep vulnerability and haunting tone. Known for her sentimental tales of life and love, her heart-wrenching tunes really strike a chord. “Lankersham” possesses that same stirring quality.

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast