Little Mix Talks One Direction: ‘They Need A Break’

Little Mix’s new album Get Weird is out now, which means the girls are out promoting their new album, which means interviews! Little Mix and One Direction were both on The X Factor and because they have a lot in common, sooner or later, the girl group were going to be asked about One Direction’s hiatus that will happen next year.

When speaking to Entertainment Tonight, they were asked if they thought One Direction would come back or not and the girls had plenty to say.

Jesy said “I reckon they will go away for a bit, and do their own little things for a bit.”

“You know what, they need a break. How hard they work and how successful they are, they just need a minute, but I think no matter what happens with them, they will always be successful because they’re good boys.” Perrie said. “They deserve it.”

Leigh-Anne went on to say “But how amazing to know that they’re a phenomenon and to be like, ‘Boys – we’ve done well, haven’t we? Let’s have a break. That’s just an incredible thing to be able to say!”

When asked if they had any plans to take a break, Perrie said that they “never know what’s going to happen, we’ll have to see. We can be at a point where we can have a break or we might still have to work really hard, you just don’t know really.”

“I just miss these girls so much, if I’m away for just a couple of days, it just feels weird. Leigh-Anne said. “It feels so weird, so I never want to stop, ever!”

“A Little Mix holiday would be lovely, wouldn’t it?” Perrie said. “We will run away to the circus together!” Leigh-Anne jokes.

You can watch the girl group talk about their favorite album ever, One Direction’s hiatus, and whether have any plans to take a break below!

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Written by CelebMix