Little Mix’s ‘Black Magic’ Goes GOLD In The U.S. And A New Record Is Set

Apart from all the major excitement that Little Mix’s new fourth single is ‘Hair’, we’ve come to find another piece of news rather amazing as well!

‘Black Magic’, the immortal song that seems to never die, has officially been certified Gold for selling 500,000+ units! This also means that they’re the only U.K. girl group this decade to SCORE two GOLD U.S. singles and since the Spice Girls’ ‘Goodbye’ which was released back in 1998.

So essentially, Little Mix are carrying the mighty Spice Girls torch in terms of international success. The girls have set so many records these days it’s getting kind of hard to keep up with all of them! But hey – that’s what happens when you’re one of the most talented girl groups of all time.

Little Mix's 'Black Magic Goes GOLD In The U.S. And A New Record Is Set 1

Little Mix really are slaying it these days and may thy success continue for the talented and lovable quartet.

Speaking of slaying, looking over at the iTunes global charts, ‘Secret Love Song’ is doing mightily well as it’s still charting in over 20 countries. Even ‘Black Magic’ is still alive in the U.K. – not to mention their Get Weird album!

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Written by Dannii C.

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