Little Nikki Teams Up With Dave Silcox Again For New Single “Tell Me”

We have a new collaboration between Dave Silcox and Little Nikki, titled “Tell Me”. The song is the third time these two have come together, the first being “All Or Nothing” in 2015 with D.O.D. and the second being “Broken Promises” in 2016 with Kvdos; now, they’ve come together with no one else, and the song is electric, that’s for sure.

The song is a cover version of the 1995 classic hit “Tell Me” by Groove Theory. The original charted well in Australia and the US at numbers six and five respectively, although didn’t do quite so well in the UK, only managing to hit number 31. Regardless, these two British artists have come together to make the track modern, once again.

The song was originally written by Bryce Wilson, Amel Larrieux, D. Brown, and Rick James. We once again see Little Nikki take on her stage name, although she recently changed it to Nikki Ambers for her new music when she released “Memory“. Now, we’re all wondering what name she’ll use next when she releases more new music.

Listen To Dave Silcox’s Track “Tell Me” Featuring Little Nikki Here:

The song is upbeat with a superb drop that really showcases Dave Silcox’s producing ability. Little Nikki, once again, stuns us all with her vocals, easily making the track her own and fully bringing more star power to the cover.

It has a typical Little Nikki stamp to the song, so we’re beyond happy that Dave Silcox collaborated with her again on the song. These two sure know how to make magic in the studio, and we hope more collaborations between the pair is released in the future.

The song is available to download and stream right now through Selected. Records. So what are you waiting for? We cannot get enough.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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