LIZ Welcomes Us To “Planet Y2K” In Her Debut Album

Ever thought to yourself: why can life not be as simple as during the early 2000’s again? And most importantly: why is nobody making music like that again?

Well, ask yourself no more because LIZ has got your back!

The singer-songwriter who first emerged into the spotlight with the SOPHIE-produced banger “When I Ruled The World” has unveiled her debut album on Friday.

The record is appropriately titled “Planet Y2K” and takes us through the glory days of the late 90’s and early 00’s in 16 impeccable songs. During its 50 minutes of play time, LIZ’ album perfectly encapsulates the glory days of this musical time frame. Let it be Kylie (Minogue, obviously), Britney, Ace of Base or even DJ Bobo: all of these artists and more get a nod on at least one song while LIZ effortlessly ties these influences together.

With a little help from fellow Y2K and PC-pop music connoisseurs like Slayyyter, Dylan Brady or Robokid, “Planet Y2K” ends up being just the release that we felt was missing this year. It is sparkly and glossy, just like the perfect pink lip gloss, while at the same time reinventing itself anew with each song, showcasing just how in-depth LIZ’ knowledge of the time period is.

“Planet Y2K” provides us with one of the most fun rides of the year that only takes us into higher highs. From the Kylie Minogue demo “Intuition”, the glossy Kim Petras-co written “BTR 2GTHR” or the high-energy “Bubblegum”, this album has too many highlights to mention.

Listen to the album right here and be swept right back into the time period:

“Planet Y2K” is now available digitally on the streaming platform and digital retailer of your choice. A physical edition is currently in the making, as LIZ informed her fans on Instagram on Friday.

“Planet Y2K” was released via Moving Castle.

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Written by Heiko

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