We Listened To Namasenda’s “24/7” For 24 Hours And This is What We Think

They say the best always comes last. In the case of PC Music: the best arrived on December 3rd in the form of Namasenda.

When we first heard the news that one of our favorites artists, Namasenda, released her first solo single in over two years (intonation on solo, since she featured on the bombastic LIZ track “Bubblegum” last month), we were quite excited. The expectations then shot through the roof though when we saw that it was her first PC Music release.

And yes, we really mean the PC Music. The iconic artist collective that brought us amazing gifts like Hannah Diamond -who just released her wonderful debut album “Reflections”- or the Charli XCX EP “Vroom Vroom”.

It sounded too good to be true but, hold on to yours wigs now, this new track is thankfully even better than we ever imagined.

The newest release by Namasenda is titled “24/7” and was produced by Robokid -who helped shape Slayyyter’s debut album this year- and A.G. Cook- the mastermind behind PC Music. Namasenda co-wrote the track with the producers.

Since the song is titled “24/7”, wee thought it would be fun to listen to it for 24 hours and see what happens. These are our findings:

First off: it is incredibly good.

The song kicks off with a couple of synths and Namasenda’s pitched vocals. “Are you thinking about me/ Are you thinking about me too?”, she sings just before the first synthy drop arrives. We get hooked from the start every time and, honestly, the song’s structure is so fresh that we are always looking forward to what is to come next. “Don’t wanna be alone/ Don’t wanna be waiting on my phone”, Namasenda pleads repeatedly while the song nears its climax. It’s like a spiral that takes you higher and higher and once the climax hits, your speakers will blow away and all you can do is press “repeat” because you want to do it all over again.

“24/7” is PC Music at its finest and clearest: filled with vocal chops, hard drops and “aggressive emo synths” (as A.G. Cook titled it in his Instagram post), “24/7” sweeps you away into its own beautiful realm and holds you tight in its glittery embrace. And even though “24/7” is- if you think about the lyrics- not the happiest, you still get the urge to just get up and dance around the room and wonder “is there someone thinking about me too?”.

Crying in the club got a new soundtrack.

“24/7” feels like the refreshing breath of air pop music desperately needed. It’s glossy and sweet, yet heartbreakingly beautiful. It glitters and shines, like crystals, and will make for the perfect musical escape from reality.

Listen to the track right here:

“24/7” is now available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer and streaming platform of your choice!

More music is to come from here, if we read the lines correctly in A.G. Cook’s IG post.

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Written by Heiko

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