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Guard Gets Personal on New Single “I (Don’t) Miss U”

Guard is back and he gets as personal as never with us on his latest release.

Guard is a man of many talents: he released hits like “Xylophone” and “Pineapple Crush” over the last years and he co-wrote on the hyperpop songs “Cha Ching” by Slayyyter or “Last Call” by Liz. But now, it was time for a change for him.

His new release is titled “I (Don’t) Miss U” and is a complete 180 shift to what we previously experienced from him.

I love writing for hyper pop artists because it’s for sure a part of my personality and musicality but I’m too much of a sadboy“, he told us when asked why he chose this new route.

“I (Don’t) Miss U” is an acoustic guitar-accompanied ballad that deals with a break-up Guard faced. It is an open, raw and honest take on his own feelings during this certain time period and you can hear and feel it in every single note.

Talking about the track, Guard explained tho us that “it’s a one take ballad I made this year with some really close friends (Miranda Glory & Matt Ferree). I was dealing with a really tough break up in LA & created a project to help myself heal. I have also been dealing a lot with mental health issues that really led me to a point where I just had to seek help & get better or I guess was gonna die. That sounds intense but it was my reality.

According to the singer, he has “songs dropping each month from here on in & a couple more songwriting cuts coming out! My whole project is a honest look at depression & self medication.

Listen to his first new release right here:

“I (Don’t) Miss U” is the first single by Guard that is independently released. It is available to purchase and stream on the digital retailer and platform of your choice.

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