Loïc Nottet won Strictly Come Dancing, French Edition

After 11 weeks and over forty 10 out of 10, Loïc Nottet is now the winner of the french edition of Strictly Come Dancing with nothing less than 160 point out of 160, making him the first contestant on the show to reach this score on a final show. With performances like the powerful Chandelier or the magical  Mary Poppins, Loïc and his partner Denitsa Ikonomova never loose their spot going from the second to the first place in a few weeks.

It should be noted that his partner Denitsa won the contest for the second time in a row this year. Well done lady. 

He’s might only be nineteen, he already got what it takes. Loïc auditioned for The Voice Belgique and reached second place in the final of the third season, behind the winner, Laurent Pagna. A few months after, on November 2014, he was announced as the belgian contestant and representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.  In the final, Loïc Nottet scored a total of 217 points leaving “Rhythm Inside” in 4th position overall giving Belgium its first Top 5 placement since 2003. See the impressive performance below. 

His song Rythm Inside, released as his first single from his upcoming album, went platinium in Belgium. His album is supposed to be out in 2016, creating a whole new universe with different characters for each songs and telling a story track by track. For now, Loïc will be a part of the DALS Tour for two dates in Paris and Brussels.

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Written by CelebMix