Loreen Releases New Single “’71 Charger” And Teases The Music Video

Let’s rewind time to Eurovision 2012 when Loreen won the contest with her awesome song “Euphoria”. Now, that was one incredible year. She was totally the worthy winner. Yet, much like many previous Eurovision winners, she hasn’t been able to keep a hold of her international fame; regardless, she’s been dropping new music lately, and this new one, “’71 Charger” is worthy of being an international success.

This follows up her “Nude EP” that she released a month or so ago. The EP contained three tracks which were: “Body“, “Jungle” (collaboration with Elliphant), and “Ocean Away”. She admitted that the EP precedes a full-length album, which we expect will be out soon. We cannot wait for her second studio album, it’s been quite the wait. The new album is expected to be released in November.

Listen To Loreen’s “’71 Charger” Single Here:

Her EP showed the different direction she has been going down, and this track continues her musical progress. “’71 Charger” is certainly a complete step away from “Euphoria” and truly shows the artist that Loreen has become.

Artistic throughout, it has a much more worldly appeal than the EP, as it contains a much fuller use of instruments. It contains a much deeper vocal from Loreen with her intention not to conform to general contemporary pop music.

“’71 Charger” has a ripping vocal full of emotion. The lyrics aren’t easy to follow or sing along to, but that’s the intention as she makes every listener fully listen to the meaning of her song. Rich and unforgettable; Loreen’s new single totally excites us for her new album.

A music video for the song will be released very soon. She recently dropped a teaser on her YouTube Channel. This will be her first music video since 2015’s “I’m In It With You”.

Watch The Teaser For Loreen’s “’71 Charger” Here:

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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