Loud Forest Welcomes Those that Feel Like Outsiders with “I Don’t Want To Go Home”

From a young age, society has always tried to place us in a box. In school, there are common clicks like the jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, theater people and so on. If you do not think you fall into a specific category it can be a very lonely feeling. Loud Forest has crafted an intoxicating offering for those who feel like they have never quite fit in. Whether you feel this way at work, school or even in your own family it can have a major effect.

The track is titled “I Don’t Want To Go Home” and that name could not be more fitting. When you sense you do not belong, home does not feel like home. In the chorus, it is stated “I don’t want to go home/I just want to stay out all night/ get lost in the crowd so I can feel alright.” Many of us can relate to feeling like an outcast. The piece shines with glistening guitars, pounding drums and vibrant vocals. Loud Forest seamlessly combines the thrill of freedom with piercing pain in this upbeat anthem.

The Los Angeles-based band consists of husband and wife Bernard and Rachel Chadwick. Their infectious sound fuses alt-rock, pop and Americana. Influenced by musical icons like Bob Dylan and The Staples Singers, fans gravitate to their unique, eclectic style. The tune is off their upcoming album, Family Tree touching on intimate stories from their childhood. Take a listen to Loud Forest’s new tune and share your thoughts @CelebMix.

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Written by LeahBlack

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