Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki visit Radio Disney

If you’re anything like us, you’ve still not stopped listening to Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson’s  ‘Just Hold On’. The song has been a hit from day one, and not just for One Direction fans. The song is an absolute banger and has earned both Steve and Louis worldwide attention for the passion and talent that it took to create the masterpiece. The song, clearly an homage to Louis’ mom, takes on a special meaning to everyone who listens to it. It’s inspirational, and knowing how special it is to the two of them makes it even easier to love.

Today, Radio Disney hosted Steve and Louis in their studio for an interview and it was awesome. She asked them both about their careers and Steve gave some insight into how he got his start in music. In the OC he said ‘all the kids do is go to hardcore shows’ so that’s what got him interested, he just picked up a guitar and went from there. He grew through music with his friends, they were self-taught and he says he learned everything in life through experience.

For Louis, it started with some ‘dabbling a little bit’ and some performances in high school. He said he liked the feeling of being on stage in front of people so he chased that, his Grease performance was especially important to him.

The pair also talked about the way in which they met, where fate seemingly stepped in and dealt a perfect hand. Louis was in Vegas and was aiming to attend a Calvin Harris show but when he was unable to make it, Steve took the gig. Louis and his friends were blown away with Steve’s set so he took the young adult approach to communication and reached out to him via Twitter. From there, they got together to create a beautiful song and an even more incredible friendship.

We aren’t sure about you, but we’re thankful for their chance meeting, ‘Just Hold On’ and what the two will collaborate on down the road – because when you make that sort of magic – there’s no way to only make it once.

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Written by Ashley

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