Louis Tomlinson announces new single Two of Us

Soon just became very soon for fans of Louis Tomlinson.

The much-loved singer-songwriter has announced his highly anticipated next single, Two Of Us.

Two of Us is Louis’s first single in absolutely ages. And everyone is rightly very excited to hear it. He is also on the cover and featured in the next issue of House of Solo, which is a fashion issue. Showing just how popular he is, the first lot pre-orders of the magazine literally sold out within minutes of being announced.

Talking to the magazine he described writing Two of Us as a form of therapy. The song is a tribute to his Mum Johannah, who passed away in December 2016 from cancer.

Louis also mentioned within the same interview according to The Sun, that if by releasing the song it helped just one person going through the tough time he went through then he would be happy.

Two of Us trended worldwide for hours after the announcement about its impending release. The world is hungry for more from Louis and the reaction so far proves it.

Two of Us will be released world wide on March 7. You can pre-order the track here.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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