Louis Tomlinson Donates to Help A Sibling’s Wish

Louis Tomlinson, Prince Charming and boy bander, has once again shown off not only his incredible heart but his passion for making the lives of other people better in whatever ways he can.

Louis met the Hext family through his mum Johannah and while he was bringing happiness to their lives, Harvey – a brave little boy who fought cancer for years – was inspiring Louis too.  Harvey’s smile was contagious, and it was only after his passing that Harvey’s mum shared a more personal look into what Louis did for not just Harvey, but their whole family.  Their journey together still tugs on our heart strings to this day but at the same time it inspires us too.

It seems that we aren’t the only ones.

Harvey’s mum Sarah recently spearheaded A Sibling’s Wish in Harvey’s memory.  The initiative aims to help families when the time comes to say goodbye to their young loved ones.  There is never an easy time to say goodbye, never a fair time for a life to be taken; and while all loss is painful, it’s absolutely heart wrenching to think of the loss of a child.  It’s unfathomable to think about the hurt of the siblings left behind, the ones who have always had a best friend suddenly missing the person who knew them best.  Harvey’s brother Spencer had a wish for other little ones who lose their brothers and sisters too and they came true in the form of personalized bereavement boxes.

These boxes are made to commemorate the child as they were before and sometimes even during their illness.  Children are strong, even against ailments that aim to make them weak, and they keep their personalities and smiles through the pain experienced when one is dealing with a terminal illness.  These boxes will hold onto that spirit and light.

The Harvey Hext Trust and A Sibling’s Wish have been sharing their charity wish and asking for both donations and the spread of information so that their initiative can get off the ground.  Once the donation amount is met (and we’re sure it will be surpassed) it is only to be anticipated that there will be a lot of electronic communication and research needed to make these boxes possible.

Louis must have thought so too because he donated a new Apple MacBook to the Hext family to help with A Sibling’s Wish.
Louis Tomlinson Donates to Help A Sibling's Wish 1

We could brag on Louis and his kind heart for days and it still wouldn’t do him the justice he deserves.  We are truly inspired by him every day.

We are also inspired by Harvey’s mum Sarah and the strength she’s shown during the loss of her son and the brave way she’s working to make loss easier on other families who will experience what she did.

If you feel moved by the Hext family, and how could you not, please visit their funding page and donate and share it!

This beautiful wish they have is worth the effort it takes us to help make it come true.  We are sure Harvey is looking at his family, and Louis, and smiling with a grateful heart.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.