Louis Tomlinson encourages fans to vote for @edendoratrust in the @yorkshirechoice awards

When it comes to charitable celebrities, Louis Tomlinson is one of the most giving and compassionate. His gratitude and willingness to use his circumstance for good are two traits that he definitely got from his mother. Johannah, who was at his side from day one, passed away in December after a tough battle with Leukemia, and her presence is already deeply missed. Alongside Louis, Johannah gave of herself to many causes as well. One that the pair often worked with together, was the Eden Dora Trust.

Little Eden was six when she fell ill with Encephalitis and her world, along with the world of her family, was changed forever. After being ill for a few days, Eden stayed home from school and as her and her mother were about to watch a film, she suffered a massive seizure. The only prequel to the medical emergency was some complaining over the few days before about some minor leg pain and a headache.

The diagnosis also left her with an acquired brain injury. It took a lot of recovery time and some frightening moments for herself and her family to get through it, but she lives as normally as to be expected now. While Eden has experienced changes in who she is, her family also had to learn to navigate a new life as a unit.

Louis and Johannah heard of Eden’s story and wanted to help immediately, and they have done so for years now. Eden and her family are smitten by Louis, which is to be expected, and he’s just as in awe of her. For such a young girl, she’s got so much strength, and for that reason and more, Louis is again helping the charity.

He took to social media last week to ask his fans to vote for the charity in the Yorkshire Choice Awards.

Once you get to the homepage, you click on the ‘vote now’ option and after a bit of scrolling you see the option to vote for ‘Local Fundraiser of the Year’. The Eden Dora Trust doesn’t just benefit Eden and her family, but many other families and children who are touched by this illness that often comes with no warning signs whatsoever. It’s a life-changing diagnosis and it’s impossible to get through it without the help of others who have experienced it too.

For more information on the Eden Dora Trust, check out their website and you can take a look at our previous posts about the organization as well. Don’t forget to vote soon and encourage others to do the same. It’s a very worthy cause.

Written by Ashley

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