Louis Tomlinson just made us all emotional with his Instagram Selfie

If you’re a fan of One Direction, especially if you consider yourself partial to Louis Tomlinson, chances are your heart is all full of love and appreciation and there may very well be tears in your eyes thanks to his latest Instagram post. The ‘lad from Doncaster’ posted a selfie with a gorgeous view behind him as fans celebrated the one year anniversary of Made in the AM. Louis’ caption leads us all to believe that he was celebrating it too.

The album, which serves now as a lasting gift for fans and stands as the biggest connection they’ve had with Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam so far was a hit from the beginning. Fans hail it as one of the best albums the boys have released. The songs are 3-5 minute dedications and declarations to their fans and they tell a beautiful story of growing up, finding your loved ones, and finding yourself – the ultimate journey that One Direction and their fans have taken together.

Louis has always been incredibly thankful and humble when it comes to the level of ‘fame’ that the boys have reached.  He uses his time and his wealth to give back to anyone who needs it, he takes his bad days and turns them into spectacular days for other people, and he recognizes that One Direction’s fanbase is absolutely always on their side; through their time together, their solo projects, and when they eventually (hopefully sooner than later boys) reunite.

Louis’ selfie and caption were heartwarming. He’s posted a few things over the last year specifically that really show how grateful he is to be where he is, but also how close he holds home to his heart.  This post was a reflection of both; thinking back to his days in Doncaster years ago and looking out on a breathtaking view of Los Angeles tonight realizing that he worked hard and made his dreams come true next to his best friends.  There can’t be a feeling in the world more beautiful than that.

If that wasn’t enough, Niall commented on the post immediately – we have Louis on notifications too Niall, don’t worry – and said he often does the same thing, before telling Louis that he loved him. His sister Fizzy joined in as well with a emoji red heart and a simple ‘so proud’ – aren’t we all?

Louis Tomlinson just made us all emotional with his Instagram Selfie 1

We all love ya, Tommo, and hope you feel that pride and love and happiness every day – you deserve it!

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Written by Ashley

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