Louis Tomlinson releases the music video for his single Walls

Louis Tomlinson is known for a few things, being a member of one of the worlds biggest boy bands, One Direction, being an exceptionally talented lyricist and having arguably one of the biggest and most charitable hearts in the music industry.

With the launch of his solo career, Louis is fast establishing himself with every song he releases as an extremely creative guy when it comes to thinking up concepts for his music videos, and current single Walls is no different.

Walls is the title track from his upcoming debut solo album that’s literally been years in the making. The video for the song really showcases what a creative mind Louis has, it has many layers and dimensions to it, a collaboration between the We Made It singer and frequent collaborator and director Charlie Lightening, who has worked on the past three videos he has released.

What really captures our attention with this video is the vivid imagery, that fits with words of the track perfectly. It’s a piece of art, that the more you watch, the more things you see. It’s a video that will have different meanings and symbolism for each person watching. It is the best type of video as it captures an audience to watch it, just to see what they take away from it and if their thoughts on the meanings of it are the same as their friends! It makes people talk and brings them together, breaking down walls.

We aren’t going to spoil your viewing pleasure by giving our interpretation of what we think the video represents, other than to say it makes us so proud and slightly teary-eyed to see Louis continue to grow as a solo artist and release videos for his music that he’s very clearly creatively had so much input in to and is proud to put his name to. As he said a couple of years ago on Twitter “If it’s a banger, I probably wrote on it!” We can’t wait to see what else is in store in the future as 2020 is without a doubt going to be his year.

You can download Walls and pre-order the album of the same name (which will be released on January 31) here.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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