Loved Stranger Things? Stranger Pugs is the next best thing

Stranger Things is sweeping the world of Netflix, and now even internet star Doug the Pug is getting involved in Stranger Pugs.

From Barb to Will, Eleven to Hopper, this pug nails the essence of the show, simply by dressing up as the main characters.

Taken from Doug’s Instagram page, which is where the pug first found its fame, the 25-second video tells the story of all the characters and their progression through the series perfectly.

Stranger Things is an 80’s inspired horror sci-fi series which follows the supernatural disappearance of a young boy, Will Byers, and a telekinetic girl, Eleven, who joins Will’s friends on their quest to find him. The show was released on Netflix earlier this year and has taken the internet by storm. A second series has been confirmed for 2017.

Doug the Pug is a four-year-old pug from Nashville, Tennessee, and is well known for his celebrity dress-up and pop culture parodies. But Stranger Pugs is by far his most popular video, grabbing over 10 million views on Facebook.

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Written by CelebMix