Lucy Spraggan Releases New Album “I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing”

Lucy Spraggan has done it again! She’s released a new album today called “I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing”. 

The artist has released a total of four albums during her career Top Room at the Zoo (2011), Join the Club (2013), We Are (2016) and today makes four with I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing (2017)

Spraggan has blown us away with vocals, music, and lyrics once again. Last year Lucy told us in an interview that her upcoming album was taking a long time to write because it was all from her heart, but we can now confirm that I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing was absolutely worth the wait.

I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing is a 13 track album that varies in style track to track, yet still has the well loved and original Lucy touch to it.

Track Listing:

  1. Fight for It
  2. Loaded Gun
  3. Grown Up
  4. I Don’t Live There Anymore
  5. Dear You
  6. Freddos Aren’t 10p
  7. Hey William
  8. If
  9. All That I’ve Loved (For Barbara)
  10. Puppy Dog Eyes
  11. Modern Day Frankenstein
  12. Prozac
  13. Hush Little Baby

Lucy, the proud artist of a fantastic new album has been getting the word out about the release on her Twitter page @lspraggan

Earlier this evening, HMV in Manchester hosted Lucy Spraggan as she performed a set and signed new copies of her album.

I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing is available as of today, you can find it on iTunes, Apple Music and at HMV. You can also purchase a signed copy of the CD on Lucy’s website for the very reasonable price of £16 (Inc. P&P)

Have you listened to Lucy’s new album yet? What’s your fave track?Are you excited for Lucy’s upcoming tour? Let us know by writing on our Facebook wall or by Tweeting us @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix