Luke Anderson: the entrepreneur who has been involved in 40 businesses by the age of 30

Luke David Anderson, born in Victoria, Australia. Until the age of 13, Luke grew up on the Mornington Peninsular in Melbourne, then his family moved to Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays, on the North-Eastern Coast of Australia.

Luke is a business builder and a successful entrepreneur. He has been personally involved in over 40 businesses by the age of 30. Some of them were major failures.

The way Luke started his journey

Luke moved out of home very young and negotiated with the high school to only attend 3 days a week, leaving the rest of the days to work at a retail store. He spent his spare time on his business. At the age of 15, by the day he was buying and selling cars and by the night he started DJing at local house parties. By the age of 16, Luke launched LA Entertainment and was doing weddings and local events under the DJ name “LA Walker”. He started including all the local DJs and ran the evening music entertainment in the area.

Not only music, but Luke also indulged himself in many more businesses

When he was working on music by the night, he started labouring at the sites by the day. He learnt there was so much money in building and construction. For the next few years, he started and closed a bunch of businesses, which included a building company, a popular local hairdressing salon, surf and clothing store and a few more. He then opened a scaffolding business that struggled to get into a competitive industry, but Luke never gave up. Luke started building relationships with industry people and over the years this business and has grown exponentially. Luke is now hiring hundreds of people in the scaffold industry.


Luke’s thought process when it comes to business

“I choose business, as my way of thinking wires me to see openings and provide solutions for the market. I don’t switch off. Always on. I would rather be always on working for myself than always working for someone else”. “My empire will be very big.”

Luke’s journey at present

Luke is generating millions in a year in the construction and mining sector. He has invested in over 30 companies. He spends his time travelling and sharing his experience with upcoming entrepreneurs and give them innovative ideas and solutions on all types of problems. He invests in people across the globe. Luke has crossed over 10s of millions in sales over 10 different verticals and manages hundreds of staff.

Written by CelebMix