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Luke Burr reveals all about his new single ‘Heaven’

We caught up with Luke Burr again, the upcoming musician whose new single Heaven has been made BBC Introducing’s Track of the Month in Essex!

Hi Luke! What have you been up to since we last spoke to you?

Hey! I’ve been busy getting all of my next releases ready whilst working on new material. I’ve spent some time in LA (I’m out here now trying to make some stars align!) and I’ve really tried to hone in on what it is I want to portray in my music.

You’ve been dubbed the breakout star in music for 2019, how does that feel?

It feels amazing to have the belief of people that I can achieve great things. But really, it means nothing unless I give my all to music and work as hard as I can to make it work. It’s a big confidence booster but I’m not owed anything and don’t expect anything to just happen!

We love Heaven! What’s the inspiration behind it?

Thank you so much, I’m glad you’re feeling it – I love it too! I wrote Heaven when I felt in a really good place (both personally and musically). I had gone through some lows after no longer being signed and I suddenly felt confident again. I had wanted something for so long and felt like I was finally on the right path to getting there. I was also praying that it feels as good as I had dreamt it would. For me this is obviously how I feel about music. I have huge dreams of having my music connect with people all over the world but I hope it feels as good when I get there! It’s entering the unknown which is full of so much hope but also a lot of fear.I want heaven to connect with anyone fighting for something they love but who may not know where that fight will lead them.

How would you describe Heaven in 3 words?

Hope, Fear, Soul

And what would your ideal heaven be like?

Stress-free. Peaceful. Happiness. A place of contentment where envy doesn’t exist.

Heaven Luke Burr

What is your favourite line from the song and why?

“Been trynna open up these gates, but when I’m at the other side will blessings rain” – It’s just pure hope. It’s the unknown. And it’s a metaphor for our future. You keep fighting for something but you don’t know exactly where it would lead or the feelings it will bring.

Do you have any touring plans coming up this year?

Yes! I’m planning a headline show in London in May and looking at a tour after the festival season.

What’s been your most memorable performance to date?

Probably the Peppermint Club in LA last year. It was such a cool venue and had the best sound I’d ever experienced! I didn’t expect anyone to show up but it was pretty much packed when I went on stage and it will always be one I remember.

Other than that, my 1st show in Rudimental in Australia was special. I was so overcome I didn’t know if I’d done good or bad! (Watching the videos after I think it went pretty well!) Performing live really does fulfil me more than anything.

And where would be your dream performance?

The Greek Theatre in LA – where I first saw John Legend perform.

Or the o2.

Or The London Stadium where West Ham play!

How can fans keep up to date with your news and music?

Follow me on Instagram (@lukeburr) and Spotify! And subscribe to my YouTube! Thanks for having me!

Check out Luke Burr’s new single Heaven out now!

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Written by Enya Savage

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