The Lumineers (from left): Neyla Pekarek, Jeremiah Fraites and Wesley Schultz.

The Lumineers release new album Cleopatra

The Lumineers are back! Four years since the indie-rock group released their self-titled debut album, their sophomore album “Cleopatra” has been released.

Produced by Simone Felice, “Cleopatra” offers a more mellow, contemplative sound from The Lumineers. Wesley Schultz, the lead singer, calls the album “a proper filled-out, flushed-out record.” It promises a more mature sound with electric guitars, straying a bit from their well-known folk vibe, heard on their smash hit “Ho Hey.”

Gentle instrumentals allow Schultz’s vocals to shine, particularly on “Sleeping on The Floor,” an optimistic song about “riding into the sunset,” metaphorically speaking. Each song is finely crafted, showing the intense work put into the album.  Schultz says:

“This is going to sound crazy, but, if making an album is like robbing a house, the first album felt like the homeowners were taking the dog for a walk, and we only had 10 minutes to get in and get out. It was manic. It was rushed. But on the 2nd album, [we] felt like the owners were taking a 2 week vacation. We could get in there, take our time, and find exactly what we were looking for.”


The first single from “Cleopatra,” titled “Ophelia,” was released earlier this year. An upbeat, jaunty song, it is all about the band’s experience of becoming more famous. Wesley Schultz describes how The Lumineers’ newfound fame “would mess with anybody pretty good…we just tried to keep to ourselves throughout the process [of becoming famous].” While “Cleopatra” does not have a stamping song like “Ho Hey,” “Ophelia” comes very close.

The Lumineers World Tour

The Lumineers are also going on tour in support of “Cleopatra.” Their tour starts out in the UK and Ireland on April 14 with multiple sold-out shows, and will continue into other parts of Europe and the United States. They wrap up their tour in July, with a final date in Italy. You can buy tickets here.

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Written by CelebMix