Exclusive with Luna Blaise

Luna Blaise is only FOURTEEN and already has become a star on social media, TV and movies. We got to chatting on it all!

Tell us about your character Nicole on ABC’s “Fresh Off The Boat”.
I would describe Nicole as a confident strong teenage girl who knows what she wants and is determined to be a success. She comes across as a rebel but really deep down she is young girl discovering herself and the things she wants to achieve in life. She is dry in humor and sarcastic most of the time. She treasures her friendship with Eddie (Hudson Yang ) and although she pretends to not like her step mom Honey ( Chelsey Crisp ) deep down she really loves her.

Your film “Memoria” was produced by James Franco and based on short stories by him as well. What did you take away from that experience?
Filming James Franco’s film “Memoria” was a dream come true for me in so many ways. I was only 12 when we shot the film. To be able to say that I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Franco at such a young age in itself is crazy cool. I can’t say enough about how much I love him. He is literally one of the most hard working people in the film and television industry. He is genuine, sincere, committed and funny. The guy is incredible on so many levels, I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again in the future. The main thing I took away from my experience is how lucky I am to have a family that loves and supports me in every aspect of my life and how important it is for kids and teens to have direction in their lives. The film center around Ivan who is a boy that grows up with very little support from his family and sort of just floats in life without a real purpose. He is lead to make bad choices because he is kinda running feral in the world.

Jacob Sartorius’ video “Sweatshirt”, in which you star has brought a lot of hate and cyber bullying for playing his love interest. You’re a big philanthropist, is cyber bullying next on your list?
I believe cyber bullying is cruel and can cause real harm to some people. I have received an immense amount of hate from Jacob’s fandom I have also received a ton of support and love as well. I had no idea that the cyber bullying would happen nor did I expect it. I received multiple death threats and have been called every name you can imagine. Luckily my parents raised me to be confident and secure in my own skin. We decided as a family not to engage or read too much into it. Most of Jacobs fans are girls between the ages of 8-13. What concerns me the most is that their parents allow them to behave this way and obviously are not monitoring their social media interactions. I believe this is dangerous territory. I receive dm’s everyday from young girls that want to hurt themselves because they are being cyber bullied. This makes me sad. I’m happy to say that the hate is slowly dying down. I constantly remind myself –
Hate will always overshadow love, however love always wins.

To confirm, you are not dating?
The best part of meeting Jacob and being in his music video “Sweatshirt” is our friendship. We have become really great friends and he is so smart and talented. And to answer your question Jacob and I are NOT DATING!

On to the lighter stuff! What is your dream brand to model?
I am definitely a Tommy Hilfiger girl all the way. I would love to work with that brand

Exclusive with Luna Blaise 1

You recently worked with Robert F. Kennedy with a campaign. Why is that so important to you?
I recently worked with Robert F. Kennedy and have become more involved with environmental causes especially in the area of clean water. Being born and raised in Cali – basically I have been very aware of our water shortage For most of my life. I take it very seriously. In fact our grass is officially brown now because I won’t let my parents water the grass. Water is a precious resource and we have taken it for granted that it will never run out. I want to spread awareness to young people especially the importance of making smart choices when it comes to saving our natural resources especially WATER.

You’re only 14! What’s the future looking up to be?
I love being a teenager but I am also already looking ahead at the things I hope to achieve. I really love the idea of creating content. I am going to start my own production company and produce content for traditional media and digital space. I love the idea of the two worlds coming together. My dad is a film maker and I want to direct eventually as well. I love being on set working, it is my happy place and where I feel at home the most. I plan to stay in the film/tv industry for the long term.

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