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Lyric Video Premiere: ET Boys Drop Provocative “Rain Or Sunshine”

Florida-based nu-pop/melodic rap duo the ET Boys introduce their brand-new single/lyric video, “Rain Or Sunshine,” a song about who has your back on the journey of life, i.e., “Would you be there for me no matter what?”

“Rain Or Sunshine” follows the ET Boys’ previous hits, “Sober,” “Something Love,” “Nowhere,” and “Long Night,” amassing more than one million streams. And remember, the ET Boys only started releasing music eight months ago.

The ET Boys are Sharkeyes and Tacboy, brothers, who were raised in a musical household – their mother is house vocalist Pepper Gomez, who is the founder and CEO of Wake Up! Music Group. Early on, the twosome found themselves taking guitar, piano, and drum lessons, followed by formal studies in college.

It was in college that their musical schooling emerged and took shape. Sharkeyes shared his songs with his brother, Tacboy, who created lyrics and melodies for the tracks. At the time, it was simply something they did. In hindsight, the process assumes a mystical aura of preordination, even manifest destiny. Now, with dozens of songs in hand, they will be dropping their debut album this year.

With their complementary talents, along with Tacboy’s cool composure, good looks, and sexual magnetism, the ET Boys produce music teeming with muscular rhythms, electrifying washes of color, and alluring sonic textures.

“Rain or Sunshine” opens on thrumming, swirling synths riding a kick-drum of Jovian potence. Pop, new wave, and dance elements merge into dynamic leitmotifs, pulsing, throbbing, and rippling with bewitching momentum.

Bursting with mists of voluptuous sensuality, Tacboy’s charismatic vocals infuse the lyrics with tantalizing temptation.

“I know that you love me / I know that you need me / If I call you in my lifetime, will you decline, will you be there rain or sunshine?”

Man, oh Manischewitz! The ET Boys know how to turn it on, wind it up, and let it loose. This is swanky nu-pop, all shiny and chrome.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.