Tucker Nichol

Tucker Nichol Turns Her Back on Toxicity – “Not My Business”

R&B singer-songwriter and former Miss Tennessee Tucker Nichol releases “Not My Business,” a song about steering clear of toxic relationships.

“Not My Business” provides an appetizer for Tucker’s forthcoming album, Too Close to Home, and expresses empowerment by centering on boundaries and self-love.

The lyrics of “Not My Business” reflect her casting off the adverse influence of her family’s damaging past as she confronts the toxic relationships pervading her former life.

“Had to jump off of the bridge you burned, lesson learned / And you know I dealt with your shit / Now I’m unconcerned, lesson learned, let it go.”

After being crowned Miss Tennessee USA in 2010, Tucker is used to the spotlight focusing on her. As she takes off on a new career in music, her natural vocal talent and ear for lush harmonics provide her with the opportunity to showcase her genuine gift for storytelling.

Tucker established herself as an artist to watch with the release of 2020’s “That Ain’t Gonna Work,” which amassed more than one million streams on Spotify. With “Not My Business,” she cements her status as one of music’s premier R&B artists.

“Not My Business” opens on glowing colors, followed by the entry of a subterranean pulsing bassline and crunching percussion. Topped by Tucker’s velvety, sumptuous tones, the lyrics assume a creamy flow, rippling with rich, sensuous textures. Radiant harmonics suffuse the tune with lustrous, rolling leitmotifs as shimmering harmonies add luscious luminosity.

“Why do I run into everyone, everyone that you know? / Why does it feel like you’re everywhere, everywhere that I go? People keep hittin’ me up / Askin’ if we gettin’ up / People keep comin around / Askin’ if you back in town / How am I supposed to know? / That was like 2 years ago and … Cause you’re not my f*ckin’ business anymore / I ain’t missin’ what we had before.”

Cool and cashmere, highlighted by the crème de la crème vocals of Tucker Nichol, “Not My Business” brims with delicious R&B.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.