Lyric Video Premiere: ET Boys Release “wyrm”

South Florida nu-pop melodic rap duo ET Boys return with their latest single/lyric video, “wyrm,” WillYouRememberMe, following on the heels of last year’s debut album, Forever Night.

Talking about the song, frontman Tacboy shares, “I’d say ‘wyrm’ tells the story of leaving something special in the past, whether good or bad, all that is left should be memories.”

Made up of Tacboy (vocals, lyrics, melodies) and Sharkeyes (rhythms, production, synths), the ET Boys burst onto the music scene in the summer of 2021, releasing “Sober,” followed by a string of hits, including “Something Love,” “Nowhere,” “Long Night,” “Rain or Sunshine,” “TIOD,” “Poison Lipstick,” and “Anthem,” collectively amassing more than two million streams on Spotify, as well as over two million views on YouTube.

Brothers, Tacboy and Sharkeyes were raised in a household immersed in music, including dancers and musicians. As babies, the brothers appeared on stage with their mother, Pepper Gomez, House Vocalist, and founder/CEO of Wake Up! Music label.

At once modern and tinted with intoxicating retro flavors, ET Boys’ sound merges the vibrancy of singularly Imaginative pop music with the silky rolling motion of rap surfaces.

Opening on glittering, teeter-tottering synths riding tight percussive wallops, “wyrm” flows into a mid-tempo rhythm topped by Tacboy’s evocative, rasping-lite voice, imbuing the lyrics with hints of nostalgia. An oozing breakdown, accented by rounded drums, shifts the harmonics and then mousses up to percolating, vibrating washes of leitmotifs.

“Will you remember me / When I’m off on the road / Will you remember me / On my flight back home / The things you said to me / I swear baby that I’ve grown.”

Highlighted by Tacboy’s deluxe, expressive vocals, along with heartfelt vocal harmonies, “wyrm” evokes a striking emotional effect.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.