Lyric Video Premiere: Lavendine Unveils Dazzling “Here To You”

Oklahoma-based duo Lavendine, aka Jacy and Jana Ayers, introduce their new lyric video, “Here To You,” a song about an emotional breakthrough following distressing health issues, including migraines, prolonged flu-like symptoms, emergency surgery, and hearing loss.

Jana shares, “A year and a half ago, when we were coming out of all this and doubting our path forward in music, our husbands and mom told us, ‘You can’t not do music anymore.’ Many people in our lives were encouraging us, and deep down, we knew it was what we were called to do. No matter how relentless it felt like there were forces opposing us with one nightmarish situation after another, we wanted our positive messages to get out there.”

“Here To You” follows on the heels of previous singles “You Can’t Change My Mind,” “Maybe I Might,” and “Rapture,” which hit Mediabase AC’s Top 25, took the top spot on Mediabase’s Independent Artist-Song Rankings, and entered the Top 25 on BDS/Billboard AC’s chart. The song collected 250,000 feature insertions on Adult Pop radio across the U.S.

As women of deep spiritual faith, initially, Lavendine attempted Christian Contemporary Music. But entry proved fugitive, while the path to secular music mysteriously opened. Amazed by their mainstream success, the duo realized they had been guided there for a reason – sharing their inspiring music with those in need.

“Here To You” opens on gentle gleaming guitars topped by Lavendine’s velvety vocals and lush harmonies. Riding a soft rhythm imbuing the melody with creamy, infectious cadence, layers of rippling sonic leitmotifs flow overhead, adding luminous textures.

While the music is gorgeous, the highlight of the song is the exquisite crème de la crème tones of Jacy and Jana, infusing the lyrics with profound emotions.

“How did we end up here / Without trying / Was it fate or perfect timing? / We were just living life / Surviving day to day / How was I to know / What was coming up behind me / I never gave up / I never gave in / To the walls in front of me.”

With “Here To You,” Lavendine blends an inspirational message with alluring music and sumptuous, silky-smooth vocals.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.