Madonna Fan says less to the Material Girl

Picture this, you’re at your idol’s concert and you get invited up on stage. AMAZING, right? Sharing the same stage as your idol is the dream of every single fan who has ever been to a concert. But imagine if something happened that was well, very unexpected. Fans at one of Madonna’s Australian concerts were left speechless, as were thousands on Twitter. But why? What happened to that suddenly Twitter famous Madonna fan?

Josephine Georgiou, 17, was enjoying the ‘best moment of her life’ on stage with Madonna, when she unexpectedly experienced her top being pulled down by the 57 year old legend, revealing a lot more flesh to the audience at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

Despite this, Josephine says she was flattered by the whole event and is not embarrassed at all, saying that Madonna even compared her to Victoria Secret models, which Josephine who is an aspiring actress and model loved.

Social media didn’t see it in the same light as Josephine though, and shocked fans said that Madonna had gone ‘way too far’.

What do you think? Watch the video below and let us know your opinion on the latest Madonna fan stunt.

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Written by gabbyfabrizio

20 years of age, always writing, attending gigs, or drinking coffee.