Magnus and Alec: New OTP?

Freeform, formally known as ABC Family, has been constantly trying to change its audience for years. Starting with The Secret Life of the American Teenager, The Fosters, Baby Daddy, and Pretty Little Liars, they wanted to attract younger audiences.

But Freeform has finally been able to gain a new audience — and it’s because of Malec. Magnus & Alec: We Ship It 1

Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood are two characters off of Freeform’s new TV show Shadowhunters. Based off the book series by Cassandra Clare, these two gentlemen are what many, many people have been waiting for — LGBT+ representation on a major television show and network. And this show is doing a fantastic job at creating their storylines, especially when we realize that the writers and producers are diverging from the original books.

Instead of basing Alec’s decisions on his sexuality and his distaste for coming out (books), all of his choices are driven by his family, their well-being, and their honor (TV). And instead of making Magnus’s bisexuality an issue for the couple (books), the show is working to get Magnus to openly state that he is bisexual. Harry Shum Jr., who plays Magnus, has even called Magnus a “freewheeling bisexual.” The writers, producers, and directors are working to create a TV show that touches on LGBT+ representation, which is realistic representation.


These two pretty boys have become the new face of social media — Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, maybe even Facebook (look at those faces, how could they not?) But can we really blame them? Have you seen their faces? Have you witnessed their magical chemistry? Have you? 

When the show was airing its first season on television, these two pretty boys managed to take over everything and it was all anyone could talk about. Everyone was just sitting around patiently waiting for Alec to get finally get his act together and kiss pretty little Magnus’ face. And it became a global topic when the two pretty boys spoiler alert finally kissed!

And sure, there are many other types of identities that should be represented on television and books and all other platforms — but for a TV network as big as Freeform, this is creating the space for new conversations to occur. Now that we have a popular television show finally speaking about bisexuality and encouraging the relationship of two beautiful men, there is no telling what we’ll see in the future.

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Written by Gloria

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