Track-By-Track Album Review: Emilie Brandt – Freeform

We’ve been following Emilie Brandt ever since we had the amazing opportunity to premiere her second single release from this album, titled “Found The Feeling” which was in collaboration with Diskover. Almost three weeks later, her official debut album, titled “Freeform”, was released and we love it.

The album contains nine tracks and it has definitely been a long time coming from Emilie Brandt as her discography includes a lot of singles previously. We’re glad to finally have our ears listening to an LP from her, fully allowing her to prove that she deserves to be in the music industry because it’s new, it’s fresh, and it’s got energy – everything we need in an album.

“Freeform” was preceded by the singles “Like I Never Did”, “Found The Feeling (feat. Diskover)“, and “To Love = To Suffer”, all of which appear on this album. As a whole, this is one great collection of tracks. She’s gone from her popular featured track, titled “Lost” by Illenium, to this and it just shows her growth so far and we know she’ll only become better and better all the while growing her fan base.

Each track stands out in its own right, so we just had to do a track by track album review. You need to listen to these songs and we will attempt to explain why as we go through each one.

Bad 4 Me

The first track on the album, making this her introductory song and she cuts right in with her vocals as the rhythm starts. Passionate and real, her voice really nails the first verse, connecting with the listener before switching it up a notch for the addicting chorus and beaty backing track. Then the post-chorus instrumental comes and you can’t help but move, what a way to start this album, how has this not been a single yet? It’s a total mainstream chart-worthy track!


After a sure-fire track, Emilie Brandt slows it down with “Hell” showing off her versatility and her incredible vocals; she has some soul behind her when it comes to this track. Not only that but she clearly wants to make an impact with every single word of this suggesting the lyrical content means a lot to her. From what we can gather, the song is about proving people wrong and that people’s perceptions, of your exterior, does not define who you are inside.

Found The Feeling (feat. Diskover)

This is one of our favourites from Emilie Brandt and it’s already become her most-streamed track on Spotify where she acts as the lead artist. It has a tranquil sound to it with deep meaningful lyrics that connect with a lot of listeners. She effortlessly vocalises her heartbreaking emotions when it comes to this track and it’s beyond amazing.

Hello To Sorrow

What a song to follow “Found The Feeling”, it really continues the story with Emilie Brandt adding teary depths in her voice, which is beyond magical. “Hello To Sorrow” is one of our favourites because it is a hidden gem with this talented female artist empowering the world with her voice, her lyrics, and her heart.


This one stands out for a whole host of different reasons as the backing track gives us an ethereal and euphoric sound throughout, it’s freaky but wonderful at the same time working with the lyrics in every way. Emilie Brandt is amazing as ever and there’s just a simple passion behind this song as she sings to someone who is making her superstitious.


This has a gentle rhythm behind it, slowing it down after “Superstitious”. It has a Lorde feel to this song and “Teeth” really shows off Emilie Brandt’s versatility even more. She shows off her ability to take us on a visual story with this track and it really works.

To Love = To Suffer

“To Love = To Suffer” runs perfectly after “Teeth” as Emilie Brandt is singing in the same style as before. The backing track is gentle once again but even more so to expose her beautiful vocals, however, it progresses throughout. Her voice is absolutely on point for this pop-ballad that transgresses into a dance number. This is one of our favourites from her album as we love how it’s gone from something small to an explosion of sound before being pulled back again. This female vocalist impresses us with this track and we can feel her meaning behind every word as if she’s reflecting on her past relationship.

Like I Never Did

Emilie Brandt kicks right in with the lyrics to “Like I Never Did”, and she’s completely strong. She’s made a decision that she’s not going to give up on the person she loves and it’s a confident song. It works brilliantly after “To Love = To Suffer” and it’s completely passionate, wearing her heart on her sleeve and fully letting us in. Simply wow, one of our favourite album tracks we’ve heard all year.

Shed My Skin

The final track, the one that ends this album, but we’re definitely clicking the repeat button after this song because Emilie Brandt decides that if this is the last song on the album then it’s going to be one that stays with us for the rest of the day – and that’s exactly what “Shed My Skin” does. It’s another strong song from her, allowing her to fully show off her vocal twists and gorgeous falsetto. It’s rhythmically groovy with some hypnotic beats and intricate synths. She’s claiming that she feels alive and that she’s shedding her skin, claiming she’s confident and ready for her time in the music world – because this album just shows how much she deserves to be in the music industry.

We can’t help but love this album so very much. If anything, Emilie Brandt has made CelebMix a fan of her and we’re excited to follow her music career. This album is better than expected; it takes us on a journey and fully shows off her singing ability. Watch out for Emilie Brandt, because she’s going to be a name we’ll all be talking about in the coming years.

“Freeform” is the debut album from Emilie Brandt and it’s available to download and stream right now. It’s one of our top favourite albums of 2018 so far and we can’t wait to see what the future brings Emilie Brandt.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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