How to make Hair ft. Sean Paul a hit single

Just a few hours ago, Little Mix revealed that the fun-filled track Hair, will be the fourth single from their platinum album, Get Weird.

We know some Mixers aren’t happy with the choice, but we reckon the song could be huge, if Mixers respond to it correctly. Many Mixers may not know how to support the track, so we’re here to help.

1. Buy the song

Little Mix have given us a feature (Sean Paul) to look forward to, so everyone is able to buy the track, even if they bought the album. Hair ft.Sean Paul will be released 15th April (this Friday) so make sure to buy it from iTunes.

2. Stream the song

Mixers are, simply put, terrible at streaming. 95% of Little Mix’s units are pure sales, think how big the girls could be if fans streamed the song after buying it. It doesn’t matter whether Hair was the song you wanted as the 4th single or not, stream. the. song.

We’re happy to say that Hair is a worldwide single so make sure to stream with a US IP: use Tunnelbear (or an app like it) to change your IP address to boost Little Mix’s chart placing.

Remember there are several ways to stream: Apple, Amazon, Google, Tidal, Vevo and Spotify all count!

3. Request the song

Request Hair at a radio station near you. Stations know where you’re requesting from, so American Mixers don’t request in the UK, and French Mixers don’t request in Germany. Radio play boosts chart placings and helps make people more aware of the track.

4. Gift the song

We know not every Mixer can afford to buy Hair, especially not if they also bought the album. Many Mixers will be offering to gift the track on iTunes, and rumour has it that @CelebMixLM might be doing the same.

5. Watch the music video…when it’s released

We know the music video isn’t out right now, and it won’t be released this Friday either. But keep an eye out for it because it looks to be a good one. Rumour has it that the video was directed by Director X (the same director as Black Magic) and we just know it’s going to be on replay.

6. Follow @CelebMixLM

We aren’t just saying this to promote ourselves. CelebMixLM will be supporting Mixers by directing them towards radio stations, hosting streaming parties, and possibly gifting some copies of the song. Give us a follow, you won’t regret it.

7. Word of mouth

It may seem slow, but tell your friends that you love the song. Don’t think that, because the internet knows about it, the people in the real world will. Tell your friends, your family, play it loudly at school. Do whatever you need to do to make the song heard.

Feel free to add to this list in the comments below, or tweet us @CelebMix and @CelebMixLM!

Written by CelebMix