Man Made Time Release Psychological Music Video for “Insanity”

Man Made Time Release Psychological Music Video for “Insanity”

Man Made Time (Hillary Grace and Albert James Babanian) is a pop duo from Los Angeles, California who started their career jamming out in coffee shop parking lots. But clearly, all their hard work payed off. Now they have music videos on YouTube and music on iTunes.

Their latest music video for “Insanity” discuses things that most people don’t want to talk about, but need to. With lyrics like, “You thought it would be different this time / But insanity / It creeps on your mind,” and “Your sister thinks I take up all your time / Your brother thinks I’m ruining your life / They don’t understand your insides,” the track tackles inner demons, addiction, and anxiety with an undeniable honesty.

Watching the music video for “Insanity,” viewers see Hillary waking up and locked in the backseat of a car driven by Albert. And as they continue to watch the video, they begin witnessing all the emotions that Hillary has to conquer in order to break free.

The video is all bout how our minds often work against us, and despite that, always staying true to who you are.

Margos Margossian, creative director of photography on the video, wanted to portray a metaphorical interpretation of what the inside of a suffered mind might look like. That’s why the video consists of a car driven by someone not interested in the passengers directions.

You can buy their single for “Insanity” on iTunes right now

Check out their music video for “Insanity” below:

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