Mandia Releases New Single “Keys” Featuring Ty Senoj

We’ve been waiting for new music from Mandia since the release of her EP “Cocktails & Dreams” back in June; and, once again, she proves that it has been worth the wait as her brand new single, “Keys”, featuring Ty Senoj is everything that has been missing in our music lives. The single follows the EP and previous single “Pull Up (Skrrt)” which featured Eric Bellinger.

Mandia, full name Mandia Nantsios, has been building up her music career for some time now, having released one awesome studio album, titled Fractured Fairy Tales, back in 2016; she’s recently been heading in a brand new direction that still contains her past musical essence whilst dipping into current grime and rap music with her R&B vibe as attested by the “Cocktails & Dreams” EP. This brand new single keeps to that style but gives it a more mainstream spin.

The song features Ty Senoj who is making waves in the hip-hop industry, His song “Flirt” featuring Goldchain is his most streamed song to date, with over 450,000 Spotify streams. Over the last two years, he has released two studio albums Metrosexual and Metrosexual 2. His feature on Sylo Nozra’s “je t’adore” gained popularity and currently stands at over 800,000 Spotify streams. He is certainly one to watch.

Stream Mandia’s New Single “Keys” Featuring Ty Senoj Here:

This track’s introduction is a bit on the creepy side, taking us away to some haunted mansion film where the door opens all by itself and forboding doom is obvious due to the film’s score. The lyrics change the track significantly as Mandia’s vocal comes through, she sticks to the rhythm but paints a much more brightened concept. When the first verse hits, Mandia impresses with lightning fast lyrics whilst hitting vocal riffs – you go, girl – proving she can switch it up.

When Ty Senoj jumps in he matches Mandia on par proving that this was a collaboration made in heaven, their vocals suit well on this track. The repeated chorus is constant and excessive but it sure does get stuck in one’s head – Mandia has done it again with her catchy songs and incredible vocals.

“Keys” is available to download and stream right now. We hope Mandia has another EP around the corner or even a follow-up album; but, we’d settle for a music video, we need to see her perform this awesome track.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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