ManyFew Has Released Brand New Single “Where To Go” Featuring Twiggy

Swedish production duo, ManyFew, have released a brand new single titled “Where To Go” which features Twiggy. The song has already racked up thousands of streams on Spotify in the last few days, proving this is going to become a treasured track by many.

This marks ManyFew’s third single release, following “Don’t Miss You” which was a collaboration with Otto Orlandi and featured Melanie Fontana; and, “Feel Good”, which also featured Twiggy. It’s clear that ManyFew and Twiggy make a perfect team.

Their first single racked up over two million Spotify streams, and their follow-up is climbing quickly and currently has over 90,000 streams. Yet, it’s this brand new track, “Where To Go”, that has already impressed in the last few days since its release, managing to hit almost 20,000 streams.

Listen To ManyFew’s Single “Where To Go” Featuring Twiggy Here:

The song is a progressive track that builds and builds until we hit that crescendo of a chorus! Twiggy’s vocals hit from the very start, showing off her talent in every way. The chorus continues as we wait for the drop from ManyFew, which is released with repeated words from the chorus, twisting it up and impressing us to no end.

ManyFew and Twiggy bring another brilliant unforgettable track that deserves to be played amongst DJ sets around the world. It’s an ultimate dancefloor filler, one that makes us all hope that we’ll be at a ManyFew DJ gig one day. Be prepared to be transported to a packed dancefloor with a heightened club vibe with this track.

“Where To Go” is available to download and stream, right now.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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