Marcela Iglesias Popularly Known as Queen of Hollywood Is Someone to Lookout for This Year

She has achieved the stars in these twenty years since she shifted Los Angeles.

The real meaning of woman power can be seen through this dynamic personality who has faced the grave challenges of life and backed by her determined mind and confidence to come up to these levels of success. She is Marcela Iglesias whose life is no lesser than a queen given her drop dead good looks and fantabulous lifestyle, which makes the title of Queen of Hollywood apt for her. Readers would be interested in knowing more about this charmer who has won a million hearts with her drool worthy looks and achievements. So, let’s take a sneak peek into her life from where it all started. 

It was twenty one years back that she moved to Los Angeles and had no backing or support from any quarters, but had loads of confidence and self-belief to make her life worth living. Living off in America as an undocumented immigrant for the first ten years, working day in and out to create a life of dreams she always desired as a young girl. Life came to a standstill when she got into a wrong relationship with the man of her young child, and then started her second innings towards being the self-made woman that she is today. Owning the talent management and lifestyle brand called ‘The Plastics of Hollywood’s, simultaneously pursuing her Real Estate investment interests, she has come a long way. 

Marcela and her  Husband Steve Berman are  two married entrepreneurs who have managed to balance their work and private life, they are also the founders of the fitness equipment company EdgeCross-X. 

When Marcela and her husband founded the EdgeCross-X fitness portable gym, the product was quickly hailed as cutting-edge. Currently, the EdgeCross-X is being used in the IronMan Elite Athlete Gum to help train Olympic-level athletes. 

Today, apart from running her successful businesses, she has excelled in other work of hers which involves motivating women through her life alteration sessions named ‘Marcela’s Way’, where she presents a personalized strategy for success which will guide women throughout their journeys. Many women have till date sought her out for guidance and have found it to be extremely effective and life changing.

Her last business venture consisted of minting her own non-fungible token (NFT) and decided to give fans a signed pillow to make digital art more attractive and real. Pounding the pavement with her revolutionary flair, Marcela Iglesias makes her way to Rarible and sets out to explore more about the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Marcela has earned it all, be it beauty or a successful career, and today stands as a true inspiration for those who want to make it in life but take a step backwards with the fear of failure. If Marcela can do it, so can you! 
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Written by CelebMix