Margaret Berger Releases Haunting New Single “Running With Scissors”

She’s back with another single; Margaret Berger has revealed “Running with Scissors” in anticipation for her third studio album titled “New Religion”.

We’ve been waiting three years for this album, ever since she appeared on the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. This single marks her fifth track from the album after the Eurovision song “I Feed You My Love” and follow-up singles “Human Race”, “Scream” and “Apologize”.

The song has a recognisable feel to it; the melody and lyrics put the listeners in a trance-like state making us believe we’ve heard it before. It certainly feels like a cover version rather than an original song.

Written by Margaret Berger and Max Mostley, the song has a 90’s feel to it. The song will easily coincide with previous single “Apologize” on her new album.

The chorus has a slow rhythm to it, verging on the ballad side, yet the quick sharp verses speed up the whole track. This song is very current with a flaunting pop twist.

Probably going to be one of the standout tracks on her new album, this single has definitely piqued our interest. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait much longer for her third studio album; her first since she graced the Eurovision stage in 2013.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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