Marlene Oak Talks About Her New EP, “Silver Moon”

Swedish songwriter and Amuse recording artist, Marlene Oak just released her EP, “Silver Moon,” (February 15th) and you can listen to it here!

Her latest track “Come Home” is out now!

To find out about her track “In the Evening,” make sure to read our premiere here. The EP features 5 songs including the previously mentioned, the title track, “Everyone,” and “How Can I Move On?”  

CelebMix talked with Oak about her new EP.

CelebMix: What inspired the title of the EP (Silver Moon?)

Marlene Oak: ’Silver Moon’ is one of the songs on the EP. That song is very different from the other ones, I think it’s summarizes everything together.

CM: How does it feel to release your debut EP?

I’m looking forward to releasing my EP and share it with listeners and I hope that they will like the songs.

CM: What would you say is your favorite song on this EP and why?

MO: I don’t think I have any favorite song on the EP.

CM: Why did you describe In the Evening as “love, hope, and chaos?”

MO: There is love & hope and sometimes chaos gets in its way.

After the EP release, what’s next?

MO: Now I’m excited to start playing my new songs live with my band, that’s what I like the most.

I’ve already started writing new stuff, so I guess I’ll just keep on doing what I love.

CM: If you could open for or duet with any artist, who would it be? and why?

MO: Michael Kiwanuka, Jake Bugg, and Angus & Julia Stone! I think they are one of the best musicians and writers today, so it would be an honor to open for them.

CM: What would you like to say to your fans/supporters?

MO: I would be very happy if I could give back what music has given me. If I can make other people feel that way it would mean a lot to me.

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Written by Brittany Sims

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