Marvel Artist Paul Ryan has Passed Away aged 66.

Some very sad news for Marvel fans. Paul Ryan, artist for The Avengers, Fantastic Four, SpidermanIron Man and more, passed away on Sunday at the age of 66.

His cousin, Chad Callanan, posted a moving tribute to his cousin on Facebook:

“It is with sad news I report the passing of my cousin Paul. Chances are you were touched by him in your lifetime as he was the cartoonist for some of the well known and beloved characters in the world. From Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, The Phantom to the Fantastic Four, most of which made it to the big screen and Hollywood. He was a true giant and artist, who achieved more success in his short life than any one of us would ever know in ten lifetimes. He was somebody who showed me how to dream big, but he was also my friend and that was good enough.”

Ryan started his lengthy career with Marvel Comics in 1985 by inking two issues of “The Thing“. He then started his first ongoing series in “Squadron Supreme” in 1986. Then in 1987, he illustrated “Amazing Spider-man Annual” #21 which was the wedding of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. He then launched “D.P.7” with writer Mark Gruenwald as part of Marvel‘s “New Universe” line until its end in 1989.

  Marvel Artist Paul Ryan has Passed Away aged 66. 5 Marvel Artist Paul Ryan has Passed Away aged 66. 6

He then began to illustrate coinciding issues of “Avengers,” “Avengers West Coast” and “Quasar“. He drew both “Avengers” titles until 1991 when he began to work on both “Iron Man” and “Fantastic Four” which he notably made his mark on after working five years on it.

 Marvel Artist Paul Ryan has Passed Away aged 66. 3

After his work in the 80’s and early 90’s, he pencilled a few runs on “The Flash” and “Superman” for DC Comics also. For the past decade, his work can be seen on the “Phantom” comic strip. His illustrations are phenomenal and it is fascinating to see the mastermind behind our favourite superheroes that we see today on the big screen.

We are very sorry to hear the news about his passing and send our condolences to his loved ones.

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