Marvel Duo Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds Make Terminally Ill Boy’s Wish Come True

Actors Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans have, once again, proven that they are truly superheroes even outside of the Marvel universe as they are helping to make a sick boy’s dream come true.

Evans, known for playing Captain America, and Reynolds, known as Deadpool, have often visited hospitals to donate their time to sick children and even offered free tickets to young fans to premieres of their films.

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Now the two Hollywood stars have pledged to do their very best to help a dying boy before he passes. They both responded to a plea from a FOX News’ Shannon Bream who reached out on Twitter for help.

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She pleaded for help on her Twitter account, asking people to assist her in getting into contact with one of the Avengers to see if they could make a sick boy’s dream come true.

Her tweet spread quickly, gaining 25,000+ retweets as people desperately shared Shannon’s request to the stars. Chris Evans responded, saying that he was “happy” to help out but Ryan Reynolds responded as well despite his character being pretty far from an Avenger.

Ryan, who plays The Merc With A Mouth aka Deadpool, was obviously touched by the story and called himself a “Reserve Avenger” who is happy to help and told Shannon to DM him too.

An emotional Shannon said “Done. God bless you!” to both of the Marvel stars and although we don’t know what the actors are going to do for young Emilio, their response drew an online applause from fans around the world.

Chris has offered his support before and offered a young fan who was being bullied a seat at the Infinity War premiere. He is clearly a genuine, authentic person who looks out for others and loves to give.

Both actors are about to star in their own films with Chris about to star in Marvel‘s biggest film to date; Avengers Infinity War and Ryan ready to bring out his sequel to the blockbuster Deadpool.

Watch both of their latest trailers below:

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