Mason Ashley Releases Brand New Single “You Should Know”

We are loving Mason Ashley’s brand new single “You Should Know”. She even took some time out for an interview with us. Yesterday saw her release the track early, allowing fans to stream and download for free; yes, you heard that right, for free. This is only available for a few days before it goes live on Spotify, iTunes, and other services.

Read Mason Ashley’s Facebook Announcement About The Early Release Of The Track Here:

We completely enjoyed our interview with her, she’s such an honest and genuine person; you not only feel that in her answers, but also in her music. Her music is refreshing, yet real at the same time.

In our interview, Mason Ashley said: “The song is about using music to tell someone how you’re feeling. It’s about saying everything you never said to someone and knowing it might not change anything but at least you said it.”

Listen To Mason Ashley’s “You Should Know” Single Here:

It certainly feels very personal, and this is certainly what makes it great. The song has this very gentle and calm feel to it, allowing all the listeners to focus entirely on her amazing voice. She adds emotions throughout and you can easily tell she means these words.

Not only that, but the artwork was definitely a nice surprise. Mason Ashley is segmented into quarters, with focus on her lips and one of her eyes in two of the boxes, whereas the other two boxes display different halves of her face. It certainly suggestive of stripping back and putting her cards on the table, which is exactly what the song gives out.

Check Out The Complete Image Of Mason Ashley’s “You Should Know” Cover Art Here:

The song is available to stream and download for free. It will be officially released in the next few days.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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