Photo for "Tower In The Sky" which sees Mauricio Morales wearing a brown leather jacket with his back against a grey brick wall, playing a bass guitar.

Mauricio Morales drops the contemporary jazz-inspired single “Tower In The Sky” and a tense adventure animation music video

Released today, Mauricio Morales showcases his awesome ability to weave jazz music into contemporary pop with his awesome new single “Tower In The Sky” which is accompanied by an animated music video. The visual is full of tense adventure scenes that keep you addicted from start to finish. This is his first release of 2023 and is the follow-up to his collaboration with Edmar Colon and Anthony Fung on the album “Eclipse”.

Mauricio Morales is a Mexico City-born, Los Angeles-based composer, arranger, and artist. He was exposed to the arts at an early age when he picked up his first bass guitar at 12 years old and went on to earn a scholarship at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He relocated to Los Angeles in 2018, focusing on his craft and going on to release his debut album, “Luna”, in 2021. The following year, he dropped the collaborative album, “Eclipse”, with Edmar Colon and Anthony Fung. He has studied under the direction of Agustín Bernal and played among artists from the Mexican jazz scene as well as having the opportunity to perform alongside artists such as Rudresh Mahanthappa, Robin Eubanks, and many more. His first release of 2023, “Tower In The Sky”, represents an exciting direction of twisting contemporary pop with jazz, and if more of his new music sees him develop this direction, we’re sure he’ll become someone we’ve all got to watch.

Written by Mauricio Morales and Laura Rizzotto, with Ali Stone and Mauricio Morales acting as producers whilst vocals are provided by Josefina Silveyra, “Tower In The Sky” is an encouraging track full of self-determination. Throughout the track, we get drums by Anthony Fung, violin chords from Megan Shung, viola chords from Rita Isabel Andrade, and the cello from Mikala Schmitz, as well as bass and piano from Mauricio Morales. The track has been mixed by Daniel Galindo and mastered by Jett Galindo, As for the music video, it has been produced by Jack McCaffrey.

Watch the music video for “Tower In The Sky” by Mauricio Morales here:

Connection from start to finish, the music video and the song wrap up brilliantly together, both conveying the message of encouragement and that we are all capable of achieving whatever we put our minds to. The music video is pretty much an exact translation of the lyrics into a visual form, and it’s tense watching as we easily fall in love with the character. We watch as he reaches each level of the tower, each level being a different biome with different characters and different ways to reach the upper level. The song, itself, transports the listener to a different dimension with the incredible strings and the progressive chords that all wrap around an addictive contemporary pop melody linking effortlessly with Josefina Silveyra’s gorgeous vocals. It easily reminds the listener that fighting for what you want out of life is not only achievable but also attainable, yet it can also be lonely at the top and can be a difficult decision to make.

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“Tower In The Sky” by Mauricio Morales is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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