Mazayah Legend Andrews – The second name of Significance – Brilliance and Success

As they say ‘All that glitter is not Gold’, just like that the way Glamorous life of Mazayah Legend Andrews is, it’s not as easy as it may look like. All the money, all that comfort, not 1 or 2 but 3 loving and sincere women around him, a beautiful daughter, all that didn’t come in just like that, it took years of patience and hard work, it took blood and sweat, not once but every day Mazayah had woken up. Not everyone has guts to face the world by looking right into their eyes every day, the life Mazayah leads is a dream of many but we can’t see many people living that because a lot of them quit halfway through.

Mazayah started from the bottom and made it through Sports, Business, Love Life, social media, authorship, you just name it and he will ace it. A new addition to his glamorous and desirable life is the famous Zeus Network Star Sashanna “Slim” McLaurin, they both started dating and stunned the world, Mazayah still got the support of his wives as they all welcomed Slim with open arms. As slim is bisexual so it was a match made in heaven for her to join the family where Mazayah, Rosa Zelaya and Stephanie Almonte are living a dream life. It could not get any better than this. 

Polygamy is still rare throughout the world. In the US, relationships with more than one person under the same roof was even criminalized in 1882, so breaking such stereotypes Mazayah leads a very challenging life but yet his success is remarkable. Out on his own, he was determined to start his own brand and now he runs a very successful business of a clothing brand by the name Vakarui Paris. Work hard in silence and let the success make noise, Mazayah follows that religiously and the recent example of it is that he was invited to The Sisaundra Show along with his wives to discuss about their lives that received an amazing response from the audience who loved and enjoyed the show that covered how these love birds spends their days that are full of expensive surprise gifts and unplanned vacations.

Only a few people know that Mazayah started as an American Former Football Player, and his track record is exceptional. He played for coach Mike Clemons in 2005. At that time, he recorded 52 tackles, 16 Pass breakups, and even recovered two fumbles and forced another two. Mazayah also played for coach Floyd at Boynton Beach High School in 2003 and participated in the All-American All-Star game. Furthermore, he was selected for the Eastern Conference team and gained honors as a freshman. A lot of people say, in fact believe that if he didn’t leave football to pursue his dreams, he would have definitely made it to the hall of fame because he had everything that any A class footballer may have.

As an Author, he has written 4 books so far that gained massive fan following throughout the world named Entrepreneurship, Taming the Money Monster, Secrets of Urban Success, and The Digital Investor. The fans are eagerly waiting for his upcoming book which is not announced yet but since he got such amazing response on the previous 4 books so the fans are certain to get the 5th book from their idol. Rumors are out that his upcoming book will be about the polygamy relationship that would give his fans the inside scoop of his scandalous life. 

Mazayah had no godfather who would put things in his laps and he had to work everything out by himself but nothing slowed him down, the determination he had since day 1 is still the same as he has no signs of stopping now, he keeps adding more and more to his life and the best part about it is that he manages everything so well that nothing clashes at all. The support of his wives is so strong that he is always up for new adventures as he knows no matter what his family is standing not behind but with him. It is difficult to predict what’s his next move is going to be as he is very unpredictable yet successful in everything he does, only time can tell what Mazayah Legend Andrews would add up to his real-life fortune worth of 26.3 million Dollars and more.

Written by Digital Nod