Meet Evan Neiman: Interview with ‘One of Us is Lying’ Star Martin Bobb-Semple

In 2017, an intriguing mystery novel titled ‘One of Us is lying’ hit the bookstores. Written by Karen M. McManus, it quickly gained the reputation of a book that was hard to put down. Due to the book’s popularity, it wasn’t a surprise when a television series based on it premiered in October 2021. Consisting of eight episodes, the mystery drama by Erica Saleh was an instant hit and managed to get an 89% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The series was also renewed for a second season that premiered on October 20, 2022, all set to thrill the viewers.

For those who missed the first season, here’s the basic plot: Five high school students who have nothing in common, enter detention together. One of the students, known as Simon is famous for running an online gossip group that often exposes fellow students – and he had some juicy gossip about the four students in detention! Circumstances suddenly take a dark turn when Simon dies under suspicious circumstances, making the four survivors suspects of the murder.

Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? But wait, there’s more! Each suspects has their share of secrets and complicated relationships; hence, it’s difficult to decipher who the murderer is. With some other fun twists and turns throughout the season, ‘One of Us is Lying’ has managed to woo the audience, and we can’t wait to see what the second season has to offer.

Till then, let’s find out what Martin Bobb-Semple has to say about his character in the show.

The British actor plays Evan Neiman – the super-hot boyfriend of Bronwyn, one of the murder suspects. Martin Bobb-Semple is known for his many television appearances, including a memorable role in the CW series ‘Pandora’. Bobb-Semple’s love for acting started when he was just 8. Just a year later, he started his acting career in the West End production of Oliver. And since then, there has been no looking back for this talented and versatile actor.

Are you wondering where he learned to act? Bobb-Semple informs that he is not completely a self-taught artist, but in fact he attended the Identity School of Acting from 2015-2017 to hone his craft. His passion for acting got stronger when he started watching different shows and films and then performing in his living room. “At the age of 9, I auditioned to be in the West End Musical of ‘Oliver!’ where I acted alongside the inspirational Rowan Atkinson,” shares Martin Bobb-Semple. “After I got the role, I performed in front of over 2,000 people every night for about 3 years until the show ended,” he adds.

Bobb-Semple’s struggle didn’t end there. After ‘Oliver’, he continued calling different agents to get signed. He finally got his first agent at the age of 15, and the rest is history. With shows like ‘One of Us is Lying’, the actor has not only managed to build a large fan following but also showcase the astounding talent he possesses. “It’s always difficult to portray a character from a book since people have already formed a perception,” he explains. “I think people already had an idea of what Evan would be like when they read the book. The real task was living up to that character and bringing it to life.”

Speaking about the character of Evan, Martin Bobb-Semple went on to say that Evan is incredibly intelligent and wants to go to a top university to study film and politics. He is a nerd who enjoys debate club and old-school Charlie Chaplin films. “He is very much in love with Bronwyn in the beginning and would do absolutely anything for her – which is what he tries to do when she becomes a murder suspect. But his efforts fail when she becomes closer to Nate Macauley, and they develop feelings for each other,” reveals Bobb-Semple.

Those following the show are aware that Bronwyn and Evan then go through a breakup that leaves Evan in a bad place. However, according to the actor, Season 2 is going to show a completely different side of him. “I don’t want to give too much away, but he has changed a bit since the breakup and experiences some new things this season. It’ll be explosive, passionate, and a rollercoaster of emotions. Given the circumstances, the way the next season pans out is very surprising on Evan’s part,” says Bobb-Semple.

Regarding his experience with the show, Martin Bobb-Semple shares that the cast is like one big family, and their closeness makes working together an exciting experience. “We’re all just there to have fun,” he concludes.


Written by TedFuel